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Blueprint for Recovery Success

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

“I was starting to have a real connection with my heart, with my spirit, and with my soul. The fourth step finally showed me where some of the mistakes, some of the behaviors, and some of the actions and beliefs that I had about myself and the world around me had turned me in the wrong direction. The fourth and fifth step gave me power back in my life, power to connect with my soul, with my spirit, and to start making better decisions and choices, and taking better actions to direct my way of thinking and the things that I do on a daily basis towards a more positive me. I was starting to shine and I was definitely starting to get hooked on this mind, body and spirituality”(Rhett Reader, Recovery Comes First 2020).

Honest and thorough inventory is a real game changer in sobriety. It empowers you to change and take responsibility for your life and recovery. It literally will provide you with a blueprint for success. It can show you exactly what to do to get the life results you want; spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically and beyond.

This is a part of recovery that you cannot afford to miss. Some of us need time in treatment and sober living to lay a solid foundation that works. It Is Possible Sober Living Homes emphasizes a recovery first attitude that promotes diving deep into the tried and true ways that have helped do many to an epic recovery from addiction.

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