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Everything You Put Before Recovery You Lose

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Put Your Higher Power and Recovery 1st

    It’s an inside job. This is the paradox that most of us get backwards. A paradox is something contradictory to what we think is right. How many times have you set out to tackle your addiction problem by looking to fix everything that is around you? You tell yourself, “if I can just get this new job, then everything will get better”. We try to fix the outside first. A new job. Fix the relationship. Finish with probation. Your license back. A new car, boyfriend, girlfriend, home, clothes, shoes etc. How about more money? Or, moving to another city or state. The list goes on and on.

    The problem is that none of these will keep you sober. A geographical cure only means that you are taking your addiction to a new state. Don’t get me wrong, these can all be good things, but they are not a solution to your problem. I see so many people get the new job, relationship, freedom, license and money only to end up using again. It doesn’t make sense to put recovery and HP first. That’s why it’s called a paradox. Most people fix the outside first and neglect the inside. This is a recipe for disaster.

    “When we straighten out our spiritual life, everything else follows” (BB Paraphrase). You must work your program from the inside out. This means your connection with your HP must be strong. Your body, mind and spirit is the key to your success. By working the 12-steps and building up your relationship with your HP, you lay the foundation for genuine sobriety.

    Your HP has a better plan for you. Your HP has got your back. When I first got sober all I wanted was a job, my own place and a good relationship. If this would have been my primary focus instead of increasing my spiritual life, I would have used again and ended up with nothing. Or even death. Fortunately for me, I was tired of the same old results and decided to put recovery first. The result was I got so much more in return. Great sobriety, a loving wife and children, a career that I am grateful for every day, money in the bank, peace of mind, joy, education, health, security, and sobriety. You can have this too. The only requirement is that you be willing to place your HP and recovery in front of everything else. You are in trouble if you find yourself making excuses and placing something else in front of going to a meeting, working the steps, helping others, praying and meditating, making amends or any of the other important recovery actions we must take. Whatever you place in front of your HP and recovery you will lose. These are the cold hard facts. 

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