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How to find More 12-Step and Sobriety Support Meetings and Crush Your Recovery Goals

It is no joke that the winter during Covid-19 quarantine can be one of the most challenging obstacles for sobriety. But that is just a mindset that we don't have to live by. Because so many people in recovery have stepped up and persevered to meet the challenges we are all facing. There is a whole network of people in recovery kicking but and taking names one day at a time. Amazing things have occurred during this pandemic and this is your golden opportunity to grow and be stronger. Probably one of the greatest accomplishments that so many amazing people in recovery have done for us all, is to create virtual meeting we can all attend for support. Some of my favorite groups and people that I miss and haven't seen in a while are out there attending virtual meetings too. Also, this has been a great tool to check out and meet new people in recovery from all over the USA and the world. We have a very loving and caring community that reaches out to everyone anywhere who wants the support. Please spread the word and share this to anyone who needs a pick-up and a meeting.



Online AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous Area 33

Online NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous

Yoga 12-Step Recovery

Refuge Recovery Online Meetings

Refuge Recovery

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