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Monday Blues and Spirituality

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I became so frustrated and discontent when my addiction stopped working for me and the false dreams of the prescribed pharmaceuticals were a bust. The happy pill, kite flying, sunny breeze, walk in the park commercial fantasy was over.  Maybe your aware of all of this, but I wasn’t. I wanted the quick fix more than anything. I kept pursuing the unrealistic expectation that my life should always be like my favorite happy TV show. With pills. Bummer. My fantasy bubble cracked. I became depressed. I realized that my life was full of commercial fantasies and unrealistic expectations that no pill or state of mind was going to fix. I needed to get busy with accepting the fact that there are good days and bad days. Positive attitudes and negative ones. Happy feelings and sad feelings., Nice people and not so nice people; and they have a variety of thoughts, moods and troubles too. I mean really, who am I to expect happiness and contentment every waking hour of the rest of my life. Yes its a goal and a good one. But to be angry and frustrated when it isn’t, is completely irrational.

My point is, Mondays or blue days can be very welcoming and friendly towards me if I start by peacefully accepting and welcoming them into my life rather that always trying to push them away or blot them out. If it’s Monday and Friday is my only chance for happiness, then something is wrong. These thoughts and feelings of dullness and lack of excitement are an old friend that cares for me as much as the exciting ones do. I’m approaching these dull, anxious, sometimes uncomfortable feelings with open arms today. Seriously, who told us that our expectations about our existence should always be full of Saturday afternoon excitement? I’m doing a good job with whatever I am supposed to be doing today and allowing the quiet pace of Monday dullness to greet me like an old friend that’s been with me for a long time. These thoughts and feelings are not my enemy. I care for and give my thoughts and feelings all of the love and tolerance I would give to someone I truly love.

These thoughts and understandings of self-compassion are a bi-product of mindfulness meditation and other spiritual practices. To learn more about how you can reduce anxiety, fear and worry, you can search this blog’s website. Please visit Milford Counseling’s website for professional counseling services.

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