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Cross Roads Programs - For young adults who need or want sobriety

Treatment and recovery for young adults is more effective when they are surrounded by others their same age. Given the right environment, young adults will respond positively. At Milford Counseling Inc., recovery is tailored for young adults in sobriety to include programming in recovery, responsibility, and recreation.

Women's Program - A program specific for women

The Women's Program provides group and individual therapy designed to assist women in building a strong foundation for recovery and a life free from alcohol and drugs. This group is specifically geared toward women in the process of recovery from chemical dependence and or codependence. Milford Counseling Inc. believes that there are specific needs for women that can be addressed and solved in the Women's Program.

Meta Squad - Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Group

For girls and boys, ages 13 to 17, dealing with depression, anxiety or both. Support and education are provided in this unique group as an adjunct to individual therapy.

Adult Depression and Anxiety Group

For both men and women, ages 18 and up, who are primarily dealing with issues of depression and anxiety. This group helps those who feel alone and not understood, either with their own issue or that of a loved one, to develop support and understanding. This group is an adjunct to individual therapy.

Second Chance Program for Adults

The Second Chance Program is designed specifically for adults ages 25 and up who are diagnosed with a substance use disorder with or without a mental health disorder. The Second Chance Program is intended to accompany individual therapy during the client’s course of outpatient treatment. A client's coping skills should enhance as they interact with other people living successfully in recovery. We utilize evidenced based practices to further implement the skills taught in the lectures and individual therapy. The group creates a safe place to share ideas and thoughts that would otherwise be unaddressed. Sharing of these thoughts has the ability to lesson feelings of loneliness that commonly breed self-destructive behaviors. The atmosphere is one of open and honest communication and positive regard. 

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