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Rhett Reader MSW, CADC.

A Graduate of the University of Michigan School of Social Work in Interdisciplinary Practice. Rhett is a 49 year old accomplished owner of Milford Counseling, a mental health and substance abuse clinic, several sober living homes, a therapist, mindfulness practitioner, writer, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, triathlete, person in long-term recovery, veteran and advocate, husband, father of 2 and on the firing line combating the addiction epidemic to help save lives and create lasting change.

In 2008, Rhett and his wife Liz founded Milford Counseling and started a lasting journey with the community to end addiction, suicide and the suffering caused by depression, anxiety, trauma and other emotional challenges. Soon after, they founded the much needed and highly demanded It Is Possible Sober Living Homes to create high quality sober living homes. Commencing on these accomplishments, they have provided a solution to many thousands of people over the years.

But what makes Rhett truly remarkable is his story. In 2002, Rhett overcame a lifetime of anxiety and depression and a life threatening addiction to alcohol and heroin. He literally crawled into treatment for his last time with nothing except a garbage bag full of somebody else’s used clothes. He had lost everything due to his addiction- homeless, warrants for arrest, death threats, a heroin addiction that destroyed his life, and eventually found himself in rehab for the 15th time at age 32. Everything came to a head when Rhett found himself obsessed with drugs and alcohol, smoking 2 packs of Newports a day, broke, and without a life worth waking up to. He saw the writing on the wall. If this insanity didn’t stop, he was surely going to die.

The days following his epiphany at rock bottom, Rhett began seeking the solution to his addiction problem like never before. He became dedicated to his recovery program and made it his number one priority in life. It wasn’t long before his mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fitness were liberating him from his past and providing him a new life. One year later he was buying his first condo with his newlywed wife, Liz, and planning for their first child Violet, and working with other people that wanted to stop their addiction. His ambition was strong and in 2008, Rhett co-founded Milford Counseling.

Today, Rhett writes about his experiences as a professional therapist, treatment provider, and recovered heroin addict to help provide solutions to people in recovery from emotional distress and addiction-and their families and friends. He co-founded and serves on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court and he works closely with mentoring  Military Veterans.  Rhett's developing and training a team of Veterans in a successful Veteran Mentoring Program.


He uses several platforms to get his message of hope and change out to as many people as possible. He writes and talks about sobriety being a lifestyle and all the cool things that can happen when we truly embrace who we are and make the decision to go for it.

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