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Milford Michigan Therapy and Counseling Services

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Are you experiencing depression or anxiety? Have you lost interest in things? Are feelings of overwhelming stress a big part of your life? Is it difficult to find joy in your life? Our experienced team of counselors can help.

Is your teenager having difficulty in school? Are they having mood swings? Is their behavior a problem? Are they disengaged from friends or activities? We have therapists that can help.

Are you tired of feeling frustrated. Are you resentful or unhappy with your relationship? We can help. We have therapists that can help find harmony, understanding, trust and security in your relationship.


At Milford Counseling Inc. we believe that it is our mission to assist people in uncovering their true selves;allowing and supporting the emergence of the individual gifts that we know all have been given. We trust that inside of every person is found everything they need for a full, balanced, satisfactory life. We wish to be a part of clearing away the elements that have blocked so many from finding happiness. We have seen it work and we truly know that…  It is Possible!

Milford Counseling Inc. views substance use and mental health disorders as primary illnesses that can be successfully treated.  No person who suffers from a disease/disorder or its common ramifications need continue to suffer if they are given the care and services they require. We believe that the client, his/her family, and the community are our primary concern and we intend to assist and improve the lives of those we serve.  

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120 South Main Street

Suite C

Milford, MI 48381


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We are located in the center of the scenic Village of Milford near Central Park. Our office may be found inside of the Water Park Place on the corner of Main St. and Water St. Convenient parking is offered in any of three parking lots that surround the office or on the street. We are Handicap Accessible.

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