We trust that inside of every person is found everything they need for a full, balanced, satisfactory life.

We transform lives and give hope.

It is Possible!


We offer a number of different and customized programs to assist the unique needs of patients and families.

Our patients and families have found hope and healing through our programs


Looking for resources to assist you on recovery?  We've collected as many resources as we could find and placed in them in one, easy to navigate page.

In our resources you'll find Support Meetings, Inpatient Treatment Facilities, Treatment News and list of valuable phone numbers.


We are located in the center of the scenic Village of Milford near Central Park. Our office may be found inside of the Water Park Place on the corner of Main St. and Water St. Convenient parking is offered in any of three parking lots that surround the office or on the street. We are Handicap Accessible.


Milford Counseling Inc.   //.  120 South Main Street Milford, MI 48381